World Wars

World War II was a dramatic experience not only for the Jewish population. Also Poles suffered greatly from this world conflict. A topic connected with the beginning of this historic disaster recently appeared on the exhibition in Wyszogród. Presented are the memorabilia of the soldiers from September 1939, Poles as well as Germans, in the section of Battle of Bzura. The battle between Polish armies “Poznań” (under the command of general Tadeusz Kutrzeba) and “Pomorze” (under the command of general Władysław Bortnowski) and the German armies no. 8 and 10 as well as the Army Group South, was fought on 9-22 September 1939 in a very close area of Wyszogród. On the exhibition, there is a large collection of military equipment. Among the objects, there are elements of uniforms: an eagle made of tin used during mobilization in 1939, a Polish helmet, no. 31 as well as the Stahlhelm – German helmet no. 34. Among the military equipment, there are water flasks (no. 38, no. 23/31 and no. 31), and a personal bandage WP San, a gas mask together with an absorber and the R.S.C. no. 24 mask cans (a long and a short one) as well as the case of a field telephone AP 36. Among the equipment of the German soldiers, there are containers for Marsch Getrank stimulating pills – a cap from such a container found its way into the collection of the Vistula Museum. The armament of the Polish Army is represented by the Rkm 7,92 mm machine gun, no. 28 Browning together with a magazine, magazine of an anti-tank gun no. 35 UR with a bullet, shell of a defense grenade no. 33 with the fuse GR no. 31, artillery shells: missile no. 15 of a 75 mm cannon, no. 97 and a 100 mm howitzer no. 14/19. The exhibition is complemented by an ammo case for a heavy machine gun no. 30. Additionally on the exhibition there are German ammo cases: for the K 29 gun, filled with ammunition, and for the MG 34 machine gun.

Additional exhibits are the elements of the equipment used in bunkers of “Tobruk” type: Maschinengewehr 34 (MG 34) – machine gun cal. 7,92 x 57 mm of a German construction from World War II and a turret of a “Tobruk” type bunker and a cast-iron heater of “Koza” type.